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Halloween Knightmare Event!

Date: Oct 27, 2016    Views: 2,439

Hail Knights!

Halloween has once again arrived in Moradon! Scary things are abound, and it's up to our brave Knights to make it right. Complete the quests, collect your prizes, and rid the kingdom of this Halloween Knightmare!

The Spirit of Ancient Heroes (Level 35+)
The ghostly Spirits of Ancient Heroes are haunting El Morad and Luferson Castles!

Visit the Eslant Fortune Teller located near the back of Moradon castle near [Manager] Billbor to start the quest, then head to your home castle and slay those Spirits! The Eslant Fortune Teller will reward you with a random Mask Piece which can be used to create a special Halloween mask!

Trick or Treat! (Level 40-60)
The Pumpkin Lanterns are hanging around in front of Moradon castle trying to scare the merchants and young Knights in the area! Visit the Ghost Chef near [Tarot Reader] Mekin to start the quest.

Purchase a Fork from the Sundries NPC and slay the Pumpkin Lanterns to collect 5 Ember Candles to give to the Ghost Chef. He will reward you with some delicious buff candies!

Pumpkin Flavored Chocolate - Recovers 720 HP (good for 1 day)
Pumpkin Flavored Jelly Beans - Recovers 1920 MP (good for 1 day)

Spreading Halloween Cheer
Halloween's official mascot, Jack O'Lantern, is paying a visit to Moradon.

He'd like you to spread Halloween cheer to all the people of the Adonis Continent by casting the floating Pumpkin Masks on yourself and fellow Knights. These also carry a blessing of +2 NP for 5 minutes. Complete the task for Jack O'Lantern to receive a piece of Halloween Cane or Halloween Spear which can be used to make a festive weapon! He'll also give a cool Halloween costume to wear (Halloween Transformation Scroll)!

Halloween Goodies
Turn your Halloween quest goodies to Jack O'Lantern and he'll give you special rewards!

5 Material of Pumpkin Mask -> Pumpkin Mask
5 Material of Scream Mask -> Scream Mask
5 Material of Devil Mask -> Devil (Envoy Ambassador) Mask
5 Material of Wizard Mask -> Wizard Pumpkin's Mask
10 Material of Halloween Spear -> Halloween Spear
10 Material of Halloween Cane -> Halloween Cane

All masks are good for 2 hours and give a 20% EXP buff.
Weapons are good for 1 week.

Close the Gates of Hell!
The Giant Halloween Pumpkin is terrorizing the front of Moradon Castle!

Rally your fellow Knights to defeat him! The Knight to deliver the last hit will receive the 12th Anniversary Emblem which can be turned in to [VIP Manager] Juliane.

Happy Halloween!

NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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