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Gather your allies to overcome your enemies in the new territorial struggle known as Empires of Knight Online. It's all-out war to see who will rule the continent! Soon Knight Online's eternal war will become even more intense...


  • El Morad and Karus have started territorial expansion, installing guild lords in these new fiefdoms. Clans and Alliances are accorded great status and honor for the land they control, and war looms on the horizon...
  • El Morad and Karus have promised the Portu and Kurian that they will retrieve the head of Cypher (Which has been broken into 5 pieces) in exchange for their aid in the war effort. The Completion of Cypher's head promises Godlike power to bring victory for their people.
  • Fearing what this power could do in the wrong hands. The Spirits of Water, Wind, and Earth have gone into hiding with the remaining 3 pieces of Cypher. Due to the endless war between the two kingdoms, it is all but impossible to search for the pieces without conquering more territory for your nation.