[Knight] Maintenance 4th of January, at 2:00 Server Time

Dear Knight Online Community!

Please be aware that we will be having a scheduled maintenance on Knight Online servers. During maintenance game service will be temporarily unavailable. Maintenance time will be as follows:

Date: Thursday, 4th of January

Est. Duration:1 hour 20 minutes Begin Time
KO Server Time 02:00
Turkey (EET) 04:00
N. America (EST) 20:00

Server Restarts
Under the Castle will be activated on Manes and Olympia
Under the Castle is now restricted to lvl 75+ on all servers
Trophey of Flame is no longer tradeable
Mysterious Old Man Narki can now perfrom item disassembly on Manes and Olympia
Fixed Issue with certain wings not displaying correctly

Thank you!

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