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Karus: Warrior

A new race of beings that emerged from the curse of Cypher. Karus is a nation built by these beings - known as Orcs - located in the glacier area North of Iskanz. They are known as a descendants of Pathos. They left El Morad to escape persecution, and built their own nation with Luferson Castle as its hub.


Arch Tuarek

This group of warriors assisted in the defeat of Cypher. As the symbol of strength for Karus, they lead the war with immense health and power. The hero and spiritual leader of Tuarek, Xigenon, thinks highly of their braveness. Formerly known as the Claro mercenaries of the Piana Knights, they changed their names to Arc Tuarek and now fight for the victory of Karus.

Master Set

Berserker Always on the front line, and is second to none in strength when compared to El Morad's Barbarian. Has the skill to protect fellow countrymen.
Berserker Hero Uses rage to unleash the power of a demon. The superior Warrior of Karus, surpassing the Berserker.
Karus Warrior