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El Morad: Rogue

El Morad is the empire of King Manes. El Morad was just a small empire located on the west coast of Adonis Continent. The empire entered a halcyon period when it combined with the 5 empires which fell in the wake of the battle between Pathos and Cypher. Now the peace of El Morad is threatened by Karus.


El Moradian Male / El Moradian Female

To be of the Rogue class in El Morad requires specialized, rigorous training. They are taught to strike fast on weaker enemies such as Priests and Mages of Karus. Their stealth skills help them avoid any enemy detection and are deadly up close and at range with a dagger or bow.

Master Set

Ranger A Rogue applies hunting techniques to their combat methods. The Ranger will chase an enemy like an animal or hide themselves, approach their target and strike when least expected.
Kasar Hood Kasar Hood has the most speed and has never been captured due to their agility and quick reflexes. Kasar Hood uses an unrelenting attack to aggravate the enemy and expose their weakness.
El Morad Rogue