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El Morad: Magician

El Morad is the empire of King Manes. El Morad was just a small empire located on the west coast of Adonis Continent. The empire entered a halcyon period when it combined with the 5 empires which fell in the wake of the battle between Pathos and Cypher. Now the peace of El Morad is threatened by Karus.


El Moradian Male / El Moradian Female

The El Morad Mages are trained similarly to those in Karus. Since both nations' magic practices predate their separation, they do not yield when faced against the opposition. In 448, El Morad experienced a shortage of mages when the Orcs left. After that, El Morad invested in the training and education of Mages making them indispensable to the empire.

Master Set

Mage The Mage uses destructive magical powers rooted in the elements of nature. Fire has the most destructive power, Ice slows the enemy's movement, and Lightning causes them to faint momentarily.
Arc Mage An Arc Mage inflicts damage using the power of the elements: Fire, Ice, and Lightning. This power is not only cast on the enemy, but also in the surrounding area.
El Morad Magician