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El Morad: Priest

El Morad is the empire of King Manes. El Morad was just a small empire located on the west coast of Adonis Continent. The empire entered a halcyon period when it combined with the 5 empires which fell in the wake of the battle between Pathos and Cypher. Now the peace of El Morad is threatened by Karus.


El Moradian Male / El Moradian Female

The Priest utilizes its great power to heal illness in the world. The power has increased since the defeat of Cypher and the emergence of the Orc race. The powers of curse are used to neutralize enemies while magic can improve an allies ability. If there are more than 2 Priests on opposing sides, it may be best to fight with caution.

Master Set

Cleric A Cleric is a specialist in healing the injured. A Cleric can also increase the abilities of allies, as well as place curses on the enemy.
Paladin The Paladin is able to attack mentally as well as heal. Their skills push and enhance the spirit of the warrior, making the enemy helpless against the curse of a Paladin.
El Morad Priest