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Karus: Rogue

A new race of beings that emerged from the curse of Cypher. Karus is a nation built by these beings - known as Orcs - located in the glacier area North of Iskanz. They are known as a descendants of Pathos. They left El Morad to escape persecution, and built their own nation with Luferson Castle as its hub.



When Xigenon was born in the year 412, he was born to a Rogue house of Ardream which had resentment toward El Morad for generations. Xigenon educated Tuareks in methods of fighting and means of survival in the wilderness. The Rogues of Tuarek possess the true spirit of Xigenon, having great physical and mental balance. These skills allow them to use a dagger and bow masterfully.

Master Set

Hunter A Rogue applies hunting techniques to their combat methods. They will chase an enemy like an animal or hide themselves, approach their target and strike when least expected.
Shadow Bane The enemy will feel the cold blade of a knight before they notice the presence of a Shadow Bane. Swift and unrelenting attacks bring the enemy into submission.
Karus Rogue