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Karus: Magician

A new race of beings that emerged from the curse of Cypher. Karus is a nation built by these beings - known as Orcs - located in the glacier area North of Iskanz. They are known as a descendants of Pathos. They left El Morad to escape persecution, and built their own nation with Luferson Castle as its hub.


Wrinkle Tuarek | Puri Tuarek

The Wrinkle Tuarek had developed a master plan to build the strength of the Karus nation. They enlisted the versatility of the Puri Tuarek to increase the power of the mage class. These Orcs may have small bodies and weak strength, but this only increases their intelligence and evil spite making their magic power something to be feared.

Master Set

Sorcerer The Sorcerer uses destructive magical powers rooted in the elements of nature. Fire has the most destructive power, Ice slows the enemy's movement, and Lightning causes them to faint momentarily.
Elemental Lord An Elemental Lord rules forces of nature like Fire, Ice, and Lightning. These powers are used as part of their arsenal to attack surrounding enemies with the strength of the elements.
Karus Magician