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Karus: Priest

A new race of beings that emerged from the curse of Cypher. Karus is a nation built by these beings - known as Orcs - located in the glacier area North of Iskanz. They are known as a descendants of Pathos. They left El Morad to escape persecution, and built their own nation with Luferson Castle as its hub.


Tuarek | Puri Tuarek

The Priest 'Smite' had mastered the power of healing, magic and spell casting with purely sanctified mental energy. This practice was his contribution to the Shaman discipline until his disappearance in the year 360. The skills continued to be studied even after the division of El Morad and Karus. Both nations continue to improve and develop the skill and these practitioners, now known as Priests, carry fearsome powers.

Master Set

Shaman The Shaman believes in travelling and communication with the spiritual world. With this kind of power, they are outstanding in mental attacks and curing.
Shadow Knight The Shadow Knight has an advantage over the Warrior and Mage with its mental powers. The knight is a great supporter in combat that can heal and attack at the same time.
Karus Priest