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Battle Fields: Border Defense War

Border Defense War

It is divided to upstream and downstream of Kalluga Valley.

How to Enter

Apply to Oracle at Kalluga Valley.

Entrance Hour and Requirements

User who got reported or has a limit to enter cannot join by stat or skill point.
Please refer Knight Event Schedule.
Downstream is for Lv.46~59 and Upstream is for Lv.60~69.

  • Combat method is 8 vs 8.
  • Combat time is 30 minutes, and party is formed automatically once you enter.
  • If you destroy Center Monument which keeps balance of monument's magic, you cannot hit the monument.
  • The user who destroys Center Monument gets marked as a white spot in map.
  • If someone kills the user who destroyed Center Monument, The monument will be recreated.

Conditions to Win
  1. Condition #1
    Destroy enemy nation's Artifact!
  2. Condition #2
    If both side fail in destroying Artifact, country with highest kill count will win.

  1. Upstream of Kalluga Valley
    • Red Treasure Chest and XP; Red Treasure Chest can be exchanged through Moira at Moradon.
    • 20% of XP to victorious country (30% in case of Premium. But, Lv.35 gets 20% of EXP and the gain will be decreased by -0.5% per +1level)
    • 100,000 XP to defeated country (200,000 XP in case of Premium)
  2. Downstream of Kalluga Valley
    • Victorious nation will get EXP 7M and Scroll of Ascent. (But, Premium service user get extra 10% EXP.)
    • Defeated nation will get EXP 3.5M and Scroll of Ascent. (But, Premium service user get extra 10% EXP.)
    • When score is tied, both get 3.5M (But, Premium service user get extra 10% EXP.)