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Castle Siege: Chaos

Part 1: 70 years ago

Pathos' outpost troops were assembled in Delos Northern Eslant River Delta!!
The Lord of Delos Idid started reading a short letter which was tied in the homing pigeon's leg. Respectful and flowery words towards the lord, it was just one sentence without any signature of sender.

The dark blood on the letter was telling him it was an urgent situation.

Part 2: The Glory of Delos

Idid grew up listening to Adonis' six continents, Delos was just a small country were wanderers stayed to take a break. The opposite area of the river was formed with endless sand mountains. Every time the strong winds passed, a path appeared for the merchants and the path always changed. A vast amount of products were being trade but then...the Orcs in the North valley happened.

When the village leader and father of Idid died due to an Orc Invasion, he was only 17 years old. As ubari family's tradition, Idid became the leader of the village…, He built a storage and extended the inn with several young followers. Idid's actions were seen as crazy for the villagers. Delos was just a place for wanderers so they could take a break from their every day merchant travels. There were 5 main groups of merchants who visited Delos.

10 years later, Delos changed. Eslant's village was widely known by the merchants all around the world as the years passed and visitors doubled during this time. His second action was to reach all the Orcs and turn them into his mercenaries. Although the merchants in Delos had to pay for protection, the number of merchants increased.

And finally, Idid built a market in where the 6 continent's merchants could freely trade. During that time, a huge castle was also built in Delos. Delos became the richest city after 30 years.

Delos city, the place where the continent's paths meet. It was true, all the riches moved to Delos.

Part 3: The Forgotten City of Delos

When the battle began, the nation of barbarians 'Brindo' and also the city of white magicians 'Ardream' was destroyed and got on fire.

The small city of Delos wouldn't eventually be able to avoid the ruin.

However, Idid did not lose hope. He used all the wealth in Delos to call up all magicians and formed the biggest magical position.

Aegis would move Delos to another place, away from the continent until the battle ended.

The Magical point was working as Idid commanded. The People who didn't believe the huge castle would be moved, just started watching it happen. The Magical point was not as fancy as people expected.

There were no feast of lights or any fantasy.

When a strong sand wind came to the city, the only thing left was Eslant river's branch and sand slope. The city was gone.

Part 4: The Ruins Moradon

Was it because there was no person to deliver the news? The Battle ended after Pathos moved to Manes' magical point. Even then, there was only Eslant's branch a sand slope. After 70 years, the story about Delos was just spoken by old warriors.

One day, while the Guard of the Seven Keys were investigating Cashan's tomb, they found a definite clue about Delos. A partchment of Cashan, it stated that the Ruins of Northern Moradon were the entrance to Delos and also mentioned the way to open the Door of Dimension. Cashan was just a regular person asigned with delivering the news of the end of the battle to the lord, but he couldn't as he got killed by Pathos' scouts.

Part 5: The Age of Knights

There was no one.

For a few days, there was a report from the scouts who investigated Delos. Delos remained intact just like it was 70 years ago. However, there was nothing left…no dead bodies…nothing. There was only a report inside Idid's office about what the magical position was working on 70 years ago. Just with the city left....there was no person to claim the title of the land and Delos was just a no man's land that didn't belong to neither El Morad nor Karus.

It was Cartel, the Merchant of Moradon who showed initiative about the opportunity. There was an agreement made: The lord of Delos would keep Cartel's safe and Cartel would pay the taxes back. All the knights were talking about the discrimination of merchants. A Period of Chaos. All the knights knew that the person who occupies the castle becomes the castle owner. The nation meant nothing in Delos. Strength became the new order.