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Clan: Clan Creation

Minimum 3 to maximum 50 members. You can compose a party without level restriction within same clan, but other clan members cannot join the party in this case. Also, bonus EXP from the party is not the case.

Clan Creation
  1. Go to 'Inn hostess' at Main Castles
    (Karus: Luferson Castle, El Morad: El Morad Castle).
  2. Window at left appears once you select the Hostess and right-click.
    Click "Create Clan".
  3. Put the clan name you want and press OK.
  4. Clan is created for 500,000 Noah after clicking OK.
  5. You can check that clan has been created if you open character screen as the right. If you input "/Withdraw Clan" on chatting window, then you will be withdrew from the clan.