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Game Play: Merchanting

Merchant Menu
  1. You can sell inventory items by entering "/Merchant" command.
  2. Put items you want to sell on the top slots,
  • Merchant Window

    1. You can set the price and number of the item if needed.
    Setting Price

  1. If you make a comment on the message windows below, coordinates and comment are shouted every 3 minutes automatically.
Trading with PCs
  1. Select the character in trading mode and you can check selling list by right-clicking. Purchasing an item is same as at a normal store; drag to below inventory screen.

  • The price appears on the bottom of item description.
    * Please check the price carefully.
  • (Please be careful of cheating such as input 1,000 instead of right price '100'.)
  • You can sell up to 12 types of items.
  • Trading mode is cancelled if you work on other thing in the mode.
  • Only 4 items on the right-top appears to buyer, rest of 8 items appears once trading window is opened.