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Enjoy Knight: Party

You can experience 'Party System' gathering the power with other users and hunting together in Knight Online. You can enjoy the game more and expect faster leveling up.

  1. You can create a party with player leveled between + and - 8 of own level.
  2. Even the party member is matched the first requirement, if the level of other player is within 1.5 multiplied or divide of own level, you can compose the party.

    1. If you insert "/Seeking Party" on chatting window, then you will be updated on Board for party member, and message showing 'Seeking Party' appears on the top of the character name.

    Looking for Party Window
  • Seeking Party Character
  1. Click the user you want to join a party, and click ‘Invite Party' button to wait a response from the user.
Invite Party Button

  • Party UI
    1. If the user accepts the invitation, then party screen appears on the right side.
  • Withdraw Party
    1. To withdraw the party, you either insert "/Withdraw Party" or press [X] button on party screen.