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Game Play: Pet (Familiar)

What is Familiar

Deriving from the meaning of "familiar", pets are called Familiars – just like how you should be familiar with your pet.

Familiar's Creation
  1. How to obtain Familiar
    When You reach Level 10 Moradon's [Familiar Trainer] Kate will tell you all about how to obtain familiar. You'll have to complete a series of quests to obtain familiar.
Familiar Trainer Kate

  1. Hatching
    You must hatch Kaul Egg to obtain your own familiar.

  1. Summoning
    Once the Egg is hatched, equip the Familiar and summon.

  1. How to use Familiar
    Once Familiar is summoned, there's a status bar and quick slot window. Familiar Status Bar
    The short cut key for familiar is P and there'll be 3 different menu: Ability, Item and Skill.
  • Familiar's Ability

    Familiar's Ability
    The Status tab shows your Familiar's basic stats (HP, MP, level, EXP, etc.).

  • Familiar's Item

    Familiar's Item
    The Item tab shows your inventory and allows your to equip items to your Familiar or their skill bar. You are also able to feed your Familiar from this tab.

  • Familiar's Skill

    Familiar's Skill
    As your Familiar levels up, it will learn additional skills that will be displayed in the Skill tab.

  1. Features
    • Auto Looting: Set your familiar's mode to Looting mode then it'll start auto-looting. (Only when the familiar is equipped with the auto-looting item).
Auto Looting Feature

    • Familiar Words: Depending on what's being input for the chatting window, familiar responds and as it levels up, more words will be recognized by familiar.
    • Familiar Transformation: Using the Familiar Transformation Scroll, you can change your familiar's appearance.
      There are L, M, H levels of scrolls and depending on the level of the scroll you are using, the appearance of your pet changes.