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Game Play Rebirth System

What is Rebirth?

Permission of Rebirth is offered to all characters who achieve level 83 status with 100% EXP. After passing the qualification test, you can make your character stronger by using the bonus points.

Rebirth Process
  1. Conduct 3 quests from NPC [Fortune Reader] Mackin at Moradon Castle.
  2. When all quests are completed, you will receive the [Rebirth Permit] item as a reward.
  3. Redeem the [Rebirth Permit] item with NPC [Fortune Reader] Mackin and distribute the Rebirth points to the abilities you would like them to be applied. The Rebirth process is then complete.

Mission Content Required
Proof 1: Proof of EXP Prove your EXP with the highest level 100% EXP w/ Level 83
Proof 2: Proof of Wealth Prove your wealth 1 Gold Bar
Proof 3: Proof of Honor Prove your contribution to the nation 10,000 Contribution

Effect of Rebirth
  • When you're resurrected, the level will stay the same with 83 but EXP will be initialized to 0.
  • When the character dies there is a reduction in the level and EXP, but it doesn't affect the Rebirth level or points.
  • After Rebirth, the Rebirth symbol will appear above the character's name.

List Content
Ability +2 Rebirth point is given to each time
Rebirth Ability When EXP is 100% in the level 83, Rebirth is available up to 5 stages (EXP bar will be shown in purple after Rebirth
Quest Reset All quests are initialized. You can start all missions again (Exclude the quests of Saving the servant, Bilbor's gift, Previous Job, Skill, New Partner)

    1. Rebirth Level; The Rebirth Level is displayed right of the character's level (level 83 / stage 1)

    2. Rebirth Points: Shows in parentheses next to the stat points. The figure shows it gained +62 Rebirth Points.

    3. Rebirth Symbol: Appears above the character's name.