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Game Play: Skills/Stat Points

Skill Window
  1. Skill window appears by clicking short-cut key 'K' or clicking below skill button.
  2. You can check the skill from the window. You will have skill point from Lv.10 and can distribute on the skill point.
  3. You can register the skill on short-cut screen by right-clicking on the skill or dragging and dropping on the screen.
  1. How to use skill
    • Mouse Usage: Click the skill you want to use with the mouse.
    • Keyboard Usage: Press skill number you want to use.
      (Number 1 from the top and the next is number 2.)
  2. Skill Page Move
    • Mouse Usage: You can move to next short-cut page by pressing arrow below.
    • Keyboard Usage: You can move by pressing Page Up and Page Down.

Stat Points
    1. Stat Point is given 3 points per level up. This point is important part to determine each characteristic, and it is required an investment per class properly.
    2. Please distribute Stat Point referring to item you want to equip since each item have different required Stat Point.

    Stats Descriptions
    Strength Important for Warrior and Priest Classes. Increases attack power of melee attacks and maximum encumbrance (not counting arrows, knifes etc).
    Health Point Increase max HP for all characters.
    Dexterity Important for Archer and Assassin Classes. Increase the success rate of attacks and the attack power of arrows, knifes etc.
    Magic Power Increase pure magic damage.
    Intelligence Important for Mage and Priest Classes. Increases max MP.
  • Character Info Window