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Game Play: Trading

Trade with NPCs

You can find Merchant by typing a command "/town" on Chat Window. Once you right-click the Merchant, trading window appears. Choose "I want to trade" to open 'Item Window'. You can purchase the item by drag and drop method.

Trading Window
  1. Go to Merchant and set him as a target.
  2. If you right-click on him, window appears while he is looking at you.
  3. You can trade by selecting "I want to trade".
  4. You can check what he sells on trade window.
  5. If you mouse over icon you want to get, information appears by tool-tip.
  6. After you select the item you want, please drag and drop it into your inventory.
  • Noah deducts automatically if you purchase any item.
  • Windows to insert number appears if the item can be purchased in quantities.

Trade with Players
  1. Click a user you want to trade and insert "/trade" on chatting window.
  2. Awaiting window appears while the user responses.
Player Character Option
  1. If the user accepts, trade window appears.
  2. Own warehouse locates on the bottom of the transaction window, area to put the trade item is on the top. (Own area is on the left.)
  3. To put trade item, drag the item from own area to the top area. (You cannot revise the item after registered on the window. So, please choose carefully. You can cancel the trade once you put wrong item.)
  4. Check what the user puts on the window and click 'Trade' button.
  5. Transaction completed once both press 'Trade' button.