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Game Play: Warehouse

How to Use Warehouse

  • Inn Hostess
    • Inn Host/Hostess can be found in all town areas. These NPCs can store items from your inventory to keep it from getting too full and allow you access to your goods from any zone in the game.
    • All characters on the same server within the same account share the same warehouse for storage.
  • Warehouse Window
    • Items without storage restrictions can be moved freely to and from the warehouse by simply dragging and dropping.

  • Depositing Noah
    • Noah can also be stored in the warehouse. This can be done simply by clicking the Noah symbol below your inventory, entering in the desired amount to be stored, and clicking the Confirm button.

How to Use VIP Vault
VIP Vault Key

The game’s VIP Vault can also be accessed via the Inn Host/Hostess NPC. Use of the VIP Vault can be obtained by purchasing a VIP Vault Key from the Power Up Store.

VIP Vault Window

Once the VIP Vault Key is obtained, drag it from your inventory to the keyhole, set your password, and store your items securely. This will lock your precious items in a password protected vault in case someone gains access to your account.

The VIP Vault Key is good for 30 days. If you have items remaining in the vault after the key expires, they will be returned to your inventory.