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Character Creation

  • Server Selection
    Server Selection

    Please choose a server you want from the list and click 'Connect' button.

  • Nation Selection
    Nation Selection

    You can compare the character per nation.
    When you login to a server for the first time, Nation selection page appears.
    You choose only one nation per server.
    You cannot choose another nation without a Nation Change Scroll or for just one character, so please choose the nation carefully.

  • Character Selection: El Morad Character Selection: Karus
    Character Selection

    Window to create new character appears if you haven't created your own character on the server you selected.

Character Creating: El Morad Character Creating: Karus
Character Creating
  1. Choose Race
  2. Choose Job
  3. Change Face
  4. Change Hair style
  5. Distribute Bonus Points
  6. Name Character
  7. Click 'Create' once everything is ready

Completion: El Morad Completion: Karus
Character Creation Completion

Once character is created, please click either character or "Game Start" button.