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January 2015 Forum Event
Hail Knights! Here comes the first forum event of 2015! Another year has gone, and now we welcome a fresh new 2015 with Knight Online. Here comes the first event of the year that will entertain and reward it's participants.

[Event] Knight Online Winter Events
Hail Knights, 2014 has been a year of battles, fierce competitions in Clan Tournaments, victories and losses... Now that we are ready to embrace a fresh new year, we present you with some exciting events to take place during Christmas And New year's day. Events will start today 23.12.2014 and

[Event] December Forum Event
Hail Knights! Here begins the last event of 2014. Now that the countdown for Christmas and New Years Day is close, we wanted this month's event to suit the sentiment. It's all very simple !, Just create a New Year Postcard using anything you can from the Knight Online game, you can us

[Event] November Forum Event
Hail Knights! Everyone has a favorite weapon in Knight Online, a weapon that player wishes to obtain one day, and finally when it happens, it makes a great difference. So how about we tell you, that you can win a gift by drawing your all time favorite weapon? With this event, all you need to d

[Event] 4th Clan Tournament Preliminary Matches Schedule
Hail Knights!, On monday, the online broadcast draws determined the tournament opponents and times for matches. Preliminary matches will begin on 27.10.2014 Monday and will end on 31.10.2014 Thursday.

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