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Rebirth Event

Date: Feb 16, 2017    Views: 4,131

Hail Knights,
Would you like to get prizes during the gruelling Rebirth Process? If your answer is yes,
we have an excellent event for you, Rebirth Event!

During the Rebirth Event which started on 16th Feb. and will be last for 8 weeks,
you will able to get the prizes below at every rebirth level you complete;

Rebirth Level 1: x1 Genie Pack + Genie Hammer
Rebirth Level 2: Minerva Package
Rebirth Level 3: BlueAlencia Wings (15 Days)
Rebirth Level 4: Oreads Voucher (30 Days) + Magic Bag
Rebirth Level 5: A New Emblem (30 Days)
'Special Title with a new symbolappeas above the character's name'

Important Note: Rebirth Event is active only in Ares, Diez, Gordion, Rosetta and Destan servers.

NTTGame | Knight Online Team