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Full Moon Token Event!

Date: Nov 30, 2017    Views: 2,645

Hello Knights!
The Full Moon Tokens have arrived to the Adonis Continent!
There will be several ways of you to obtain them for a chance to earn rewards by redeeming them!

Players are able to obtain Tokens from BDW, Chaos, Lunar Wars, RonarkLand, Bifrost
Players who win BDW receive 3 Full Moon Tokens
Players who kill Garrison Captains or the Gatekeeper in Lunar War will receive 1 Full Moon Token
Players who ranked in top 50% in Chaos receive 3 Full Moon Tokens
In Ronark Land and Bifrost, players receive Full Moon Tokens with a 10% drop rate from killing enemy nation players
They will also receive Tokens at a 5% drop rate from killing monsters
Additionally, players in a party will receive Full Moon Token randomly in RonarkLand and Bifrost
Players that Disconnect or leave the zone will not receive rewards
Full Moon Tokens can be exchanged for rewards with the NPC [Lunar Priest] Blanc

10 Full Moon Tokens -> 5 Armor Enchant Scrolls
10 Full Moon Tokens -> 5 Weapon Enchant Scrolls
50 Full Moon Tokens -> Magpie Transformation Scrolls
70 Full Moon Tokens -> Magic Bag 7 Days (Instant Activation)
100 Full Moon Tokens -> Blue Alencia Wings (3 Days) (Instant Activation)
150 Full Moon Tokens -> 1 Demon Rabbit Tooth [Known as Mortar Piece in the Recipe]
200 Full Moon Tokens -> Rabbit Transformation Scroll
300 Full Moon Tokens -> Lunar Tattoo (30 Days) (Instant Activation)


[Please Note: Full Moon Tokens will be removed at the end of the event period on 12/19/2017]