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Summer Heat Event!

Date: Aug 11, 2016    Views: 4,053

Hail Knights!
Summer is heating up here at Knight Online and we have 5 new in-game events to make this August even hotter!

Heat Up Your Luck!
The citizens of Moradon are hooked on the latest game craze: Yut! Visit one of the NPCs throughout Moradon Castle, place your 5,000 Noah bet and see if you can double your investment!

Intensify the Heat Of Battle!
The fallen souls of Ronark Land have combined to form the Ronark Knight! This mystical being appears near the center of Ronark Land occasionally. The 1st nation to defeat the Ronark Knight will earn an attack buff for 1 hour! Please note that this buff only applies to characters in Ronark Land and cannot be stacked with buff gems.

A Hot Meal for Magpie
Monsters have stolen the ingredients that Mommy Magpie has saved for making Rice Soup. Nothing beats soup on a hot summer day! Bring the stolen ingredients back to Mommy Magpie from the monsters.

Ingredients can be acquired by hunting monsters with a similar level to yours.
Collect 10 ingredients and return them for one of the following gems:
  • EXP Gem – Increases EXP by 10% for 30 minutes
  • Defense Gem – Increases Defense by 25 for 30 minutes
  • HP Gem – Increases HP by 250 for 30 minutes
  • Devotion Gem – Increases NP gain by 4 for 30 minutes
  • Mommy Magpie Transformation Scroll – Transform into Mommy Magpie for 30 minutes

Did one of your fellow Knights go missing-in-action?
Are you looking to recruit a new Knight to join the ranks of your clan? We have something special for them!

Knighthood: A New Beginning!
Now is the time to invite your friends to join you in Knight Online.
New accounts created during the event period will receive the following items in their in-game mailbox:
  • Speed+ Potion
  • Premium Potion HP
  • Premium Potion MP
  • Hyper Noah Scroll
  • 500 Health Scroll
  • Voucher for Magic Bag
Please note that the above items are not tradeable.

The Welcome Back Pack
It's time to send out a search party for those lost Knights! During the event period, accounts that have not logged in for the past 60 days will receive the following items in their in-game mailbox:
  • 30 Day Bronze Premium
  • 15 Day Blue Alencia Wings
These players will also receive the Returnee Supply Coupon and be able to take advantage of Returnee benefits from NPC Pulchino. Please note that the above items are not tradeable.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team