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Feast of Sacrifice Event!

Date: Sep 8, 2016    Views: 1,880

Hail Knights!
We are happy to announce the Kaul Event that we have brought specially for the Feast of Sacrifice holiday.
The event will start on the 8th of September, and will end on the 22nd of September.

Here are the event details:

Kauls Escaped!
Kauls have escaped and are attacking everything!. If you defeat the Kauls, collect their drops and bring them to Kate for rewards.

Bring 100 Sheep Looking Kaul items to receive VIP Vault Key (1day). - (Once per character)
Bring 100 Sheep Looking Kaul items to receive Menisiah's Trade Board Exchange! (3days) - (Once per character)
Bring 10 or more Sheep Looking Kaul items to receive Jewels, Transformation scrolls, and much more - (Repeatable)
Sheep Looking Kaul items can also be obtained from monster hunting and enemy nation kills.

Kaul's Angry Mom!
Kaul's mom is angry because we are taking them away!

Once players turn in 10.000 Sheep Looking Kaul items, Kaul's Mom will spawn on Mora Island in Moradon.
Visit [Trainer] Kate to go to Mora Island. She is angry and powerful! But once defeated everyone around will receive drops.

Notice: Kaul's Angry Mom Events will be excluded from olympia server.

Happy Hunting!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team