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[Event] Knight Online Winter Events

Date: Dec 23, 2014    Views: 4,990

Hail Knights,

2014 has been a year of battles, fierce competitions in Clan Tournaments, victories and losses... Now that we are ready to embrace a fresh new year, we present you with some exciting events to take place during Christmas And New year's day. Events will start today 23.12.2014 and end on 22.01.2015


Here are the Winter Events

Drunk Holiday!
Ardream and Ronark Land is in trouble! Drunk guys will appear in these zones harassing the residents . Can you get rid of them ? Santa will reward you handsomely. The nation that places the final attack on Drunken Man will receive a nation buff !, and there will be exciting drops. 

Limited Item Sales!
Power Up Store and Potion merchant will offer some items for sale for a limited time only! During the event period you will be able to purchase a special Wings Of Alencia (Red), Ibex/Crisis potions from relevant NPC. 

Winter's Nightmare!
Monsters will be invading fishing docks as they are starving... Can you stop them and get the blessed EXP and gift rewards? 10 different monsters will be invading the fishing area on regular intervals. The parties present when they are defeated, will be blessed with an area EXP and item gift bonus. 

Get Ready For 2015!
Collect snow crystals from monsters to get exciting rewards! You will be able to collect snow crystals by killing enemies, monsters, completing daily mission by defeating 10 snowmen outside Moradon, or by being logged in for more than 2 hours once per day. Exchanging The Snow Crystals will give you a random event item such as, 

Spirit Potion/ Holy Water (200 bundle)
EXP / Defense / Life / NP Gem
Crow Mommy Transform Scroll
Santa Beauty Transform Scroll
Candy Weapon Coupon
Like Emblem (1 day)
Wing of Alencia (blue) Coupon (1 week)
Winter Atmosphere 

Changes in Moradon!
Moradon surrenders to heavy snow! Decorated Christmas Trees, Christmas Deers, and special background Moradon music will bring Christmas alive in the game.

We wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our players. 
NTTGame |Knight Online Team