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January 2015 Forum Event

Date: Jan 5, 2015    Views: 4,601


Hail Knights!

Here comes the first forum event of 2015!
Another year has gone, and now we welcome a fresh new 2015 with Knight Online. Here comes the first event of the year that will entertain and reward it's participants. 

Now it's new year, in most countries its snowing. Of course we can relate the two to each other. This month's event is based on combining the snow, New Year, and Knight Online. You are free to use programs like Paint, Photoshop etc etc. 

Your creations could be about players celebrating New Year right next to Moradon under heavy snow, or could be about Knight Online characters rolling around and playing in snow at where you live. So, its all up to you... Your imagination is your limit. 

You never know, maybe the winning works, will be the desktop background for Gm computers !!


1- Every user can join with 1 work.

2- You are allowed to use programs like Paint, Photoshop etc.

3- The work submitted must be unique and of your own creation. No copies or duplicates allowed.

4- Inappropriate content in any sense is forbidden.

5- Maximum size of the works: 1920x1080.

6- No motion visuals like (Motion gif) .

7- User name and server needs to be submitted along with the work

8- users who abuse these rules may be disqualified and/or banned from the official forums.

Event date

02.01.2015 to 31.01.2015 .


1. 1st place 2400 cash
2. 2nd place 2000 cash
3. 3rd place 1600 cash

Please submit your creations to this thread in HERE.

We wish success to all participants.

NTTGame || Knight Online World Team