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Facebook Selfie Event!

Date: Jan 20, 2015    Views: 4,273

Hail Knights!,

Here is a completely new event! We are hoping to entertain and reward all our users and presenting you the Facebook Event. 


How it works?

Event will continue a total of 4 weeks, and Top 50 users will be rewarded with 400 NPoints!, Furthermore, if a user manages to be the 1st in 4 consecutive weeks there is an additional bonus 800 NPoints reward!

Event will start on 19 January 2015 and end on 15 February 2015.

What you need to do is simple!.. Prepare a Selfie !

You will need to take a Selfie in which your face, your character in game and your computer desk is visible, and upload this to Facebook app. 
All joining users will be able to vote and the winners will be determined via the votes. 

You can visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE 

You will be able to see the event on our Official Facebook page via "applications" 

Happy Gaming, 

NTTGame || Knight Online Team