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[Event] Knight Online Brings You Good Fortune!

Date: Feb 12, 2015    Views: 5,935

Hail Knights!

Knight Online is proud to present our Good Fortune Event taking place this month from the 12th of February - 5th of March, 2015. To help bring prosperity to your Knight Online experience, we've prepared 5 exciting activities!

Kauls Escaped!
Kauls have escaped and are attacking everything!. If you defeat the Kauls, collect their drops and bring them to Kate for rewards. 

Bring 100 Sheep Looking Kaul items to receive VIP Safe Key (1day). - (Once per character)
Bring 100 Sheep Looking Kaul items to receive Menisiah's Trade Board Exchange! (3days) - (Once per character)
Bring 10 or more Sheep Looking Kaul items to receive Jewels, Transformation scrolls and much more - (Repeatable)

Sheep Looking Kaul items can also be obtained from monster hunting and enemy nation kills.

Kaul's Angry Mom!
Kaul's mom is angry because we are taking them away! 

Once players turn in 10.000 Sheep of Kaul items, Kaul's Mum Boss will spawn in Mora island in Moradon. Visit [Trainer] Kate to go to Mora Island. She is angry and powerful ! But once defeated everyone around will receive drops. 

Lonely Wizard Returns!
Evil wizard has been living alone for 100 years. Now he returns to Ronark Land and plans to destroy the world!
Stop him before it's too late!

Great Wizard's Spirit 1 & 2 will spawn in Ronark Land once every 8 hours.
When Great Wizard's Spirit 1 & 2 are killed, Teary Gem Stones drop will be received and the Great Wizard will spawn at the center of the bowl.
Teary Gem Stones can be traded to National Enchanter to receive buffs such as 350def, 2000 HP or EXP 100%.

Stolen Chocolates!
Someone has stolen all of Julien's chocolates! Find them and bring them back!
Solo Soldiers will spawn once every 8 hours outside of the villages of Karus and El Morad. You can retrieve the chocolates by defeating them. 
Julien will reward those who turn in stolen chocolates. 

Turn in 5 Chocolates and receive Pumpkin Chocolate x50
Turn in 5 Chocolates and receive Pumpkin Jelly x50
Turn in 10 Chocolates and receive Cupids Wings (7 days) 

Try Your Luck!
The citizens of Moradon are hooked on the latest game craze: Yut! Visit one of the NPCs throughout Moradon Castle, place your 5,000 Noah bet, and see if you can double your investment!

The Fortune Pouch
For this event period only we are offering the Fortune Pouch exclusively in the Power Up Store. Exciting items can be won, and there is a probability of the item being tripled!

Good Luck!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team