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BOSS Invasion Event!

Date: Sep 29, 2014    Views: 4,591

Hail Knights!

The surprise Boss Event is starting today!

So, get ready to defend your land and collect great drops in the process!

Event Details
Players must go to Ardream or Ronark Land to defeat powerful bosses that are invading!
During 30 minutes you will need to defend your lands and kill the bosses as fast as possible as well as fending off other attacking players!

Event Dates:
29.09.2014 Monday: Athena/Resurrection 18:30 - Atlantis/Ephesus 19:00 - TR Time
30.09.2014 Tuesday: Attila/Anatolia 18:30 - Europa/Piana 19:00 - TR Time
01.10.2014 Wednesday: Gaia/Asgard 18:30 - Destan 19:00 - TR Time

Good luck and happy hunting!
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