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[Announcement] 4th Clan Tournament Registrations

Date: Oct 9, 2014    Views: 4,307


Hail Knights!

4th Clan Tournament, finals of which will take place in Gamex International Gaming Fair, will officially begin on 9 October 2014. 
preliminary matches, and Quarter finals matches will be fought online. The champions from each server, as well as 5 losing clans among the highest scoring 5 finalists will participate in the 2nd round of matches. 

Preliminary Details

Maximum of 8 clans per server will be allowed to join. 
In servers where we receive more than 8 applications, selections will be based on Number of clan members, and average score of clan member levels. 
Clans that have less than 16 members (2 parties) will not be able to join. 
Matches will be 30 minutes long. 
Monuments will grant 15 points to losing clans. 
A total of 16 clans will join the second stage, this will consist the winners from each server, and highest scoring 5 final losing clans. 

Tournament Rules
An account that has a character in a clan, cannot fight for another clan. 
During the clan wars, Harassment or abusive language, against other players, may result in account closure and disqualification of the subject clan from the tournament. 
Once the registrations over, a clan that has registered to tournament cannot merge with another clan. 
If any TPT tools or modified game files (such as TBL) is detected in a player, the player will be permanently banned, and all other clan members will be banned for 30 days, And the clan will be disqualified from the Tournament. 
And breach of the above rules, will cause subject clan to be disqualified from the tournament. 

The details of the 2nd Round of the tournament will be explained after preliminary matches are completed. 
The 2nd round matches, and quarter finals, will be fought online, the semi-final matches, and 3rd place matches, will take place in Istanbul, and will be broadcast live. 

Registrations for preliminary matches will begin today 09 October 2014 and end on Thursday, 23 October 2014

To register click your server name below, and submit your application. 

1. Athena

2. Europa

3. Resurrection

4. Atlantis

5. Ephesus

6. Attila

7. Anatolia

8. Destan

9. Piana

10. Gaia

11. Asgard

Good luck to all participants!

NttGame || Knight Online Team