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[Event] November Forum Event

Date: Nov 4, 2014    Views: 5,030

Hail Knights!

Everyone has a favorite weapon in Knight Online, a weapon that player wishes to obtain one day, and finally when it happens, it makes a great difference. So how about we tell you, that you can win a gift by drawing your all time favorite weapon?

With this event, all you need to do is draw your favorite weapon and send it to us. It will need to be a hand drawing, no computer drawing programs are allowed in this event. 


1- Every member can submit one artwork. 

2- Only pencil drawings on white paper will be accepted, coloring can be used if desired. 

3- Use of Photoshop, Paint or all similar digital drawing programs is not permitted. 

4- Once the drawing is finished, it will need to be signed and written the date of its creation. 

5- Only weapons from Knight Online can be used in the artwork. 

6- Completed works should be submitted in the forum event as posts HERE. The submission should include the server name and character name. 

Submissions should be made between 03.11.2014 - 30.11.2014.


1. 1st place 2400 cash
2. 2nd place 2000 cash
3. 3rd place 1600 cash

We wish success to all participants. 

NTTGame || Knight Online Team