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Cartoon Drawing Event in August

Date: Aug 1, 2014    Views: 5,139

Hail Knights!

After the BOSS drawing event in last June, now we present you with cartoon drawing event!


In this contest, using of Photoshop isn't allowed, using of Windows Paint isn't allowed, and even using a computer isn't allowed!

Its time to grab the pencil, place your favorite Boss picture in front, and start drawing! Maybe the toughest-to-kill Felankor, or Duke one of the popular bosses of Ardream, or Lesath with its scary poison, or Harpy Queen with its fascinating looks.. Simply, its all up to you what do draw !

1- Each member can only submit 1 drawing. 
2- Only pencil drawings will be accepted. Colors can be used if desired. 
3- Drawings that are created by any programs like Photoshop or Paint etc. will not be accepted. 
4- The drawings should include a signature and date of completion imprinted on it. 
5- The drawings must be of Knight Online bosses and characters. 
6- Completed drawings will be submitted HERE in this thread. Simply take a picture of it, send the picture in your forum post, also submit your Player name and Server. 
7- Cartoons must have a minimum of 2 dialogue balloons. 
8- Cartoons should have a maximum of 4 frames.


Event Schedule 

01.08.2014 -31.08.2014 

Event Prizes

1st place 2400 cash
2nd place 2000 cash
3rd place 1600 cash

Ps: Please note that, the winners by the end of the event, are required to send us a proper scan of their work. 
We are looking forward to see some great work out there ! We wish success to all participants. 

NTTGame || Knight Online World Team