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[Event] September Forum Event

Date: Sep 2, 2014    Views: 5,028

Hail Knights!

In this month's event, you will be allowed to use Photoshop, or similar programs. 

All you need to do, is take a photo of a place in your home, either pencil draw or digitally use any character or boss on Knight Online, and place it in the photograph creatively. This month, we are hosting Knight Online characters in our very own home !


1- Every member can only submit 1 artwork. 

2- Each submission should have the date of creation, and signature of the player. 

3- You should only use Knight Online characters or bosses. 

4- Your creations will be submitted within this thread via a post. In the post you should state your server and in game character name. 

Time frame is from 02.09.2014 till 30.09.2014

1st place 2400 NPoints
2nd place 2000 NPoints
3rd place 1600 NPoints

We wish success to all participants 
NTTGame || Knight Online World Team