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[EVENT] 6 Magnificent 10th Anniversary Events!

Date: Sep 16, 2014    Views: 6,326

10th Anniversary Specials Continue with
6 Magnificent Events!
23.09.2014 - 21.10.2014

10th Anniversary Specials Continue, now we present you with 6 fun events.
These great events will start on 23 September after the maintenance, and will be active a full month
until 21 October 2014, ending with the corresponding server maintenance.

Event 1: 10th Anniversary, Letter Collecting Event 

When defeating opponents in the battlefields during the event, you have a 20% chance to gain a letter. Letter drop will be different each day of the week. In order to collect them all, you will need to dedicate yourself to the battlefield every day. 


Once all 7 letters are obtained, turn them in to Julian to receive the "Knight 10th" item. The combined item will include you in the rankings at the end of the event. 


The player who turns in the most sets of letters and converts them into Knight 10th item, will win a +7 Rossetta Armor Set! (1 set per server) and a Trina's Piece. 

1st to 5th places will win War Premium.
6th to 10th places will win 3 Dragon Boxes

Event 2: Boss Invasion Event 

Ronark Land and Ardream is under attack!
These battlefields will be invaded by 5 powerful new bosses once every 8 hours. Defend your lands and kill these bosses! You will be rewarded with powerful buffs and valuable items if you are lucky enough to get the drops. 

These new bosses are
1. Shaiten
2. Forgotten Princess
3. Corrupt Governor
4. Devil Sword Sultan
5. Scorpion King

Will you be able to defeat these powerful new Bosses?

Event 3: Player Rank Event

Now is your chance to show how long you have been playing Knight Online.
During the event you will be awarded achievement titles based on the age of your account.
1 year old accounts will get Beginner, 4 year old accounts will get Expert, and 8 year or older accounts will get Master Title achievements. 
During the event, players who don't know their account creation date, will be able to find it out by visiting [VIP Custodian] Julian.


Event 4: Jackpot Event

During the event there will be some surprise changes in Moradon. You will lose 12% less EXP upon death. We've also added an EXP Jackpot to bring some extra excitement to monster hunting! 

Event 5: Returnee Event

Accounts that have not logged in to the game for more than 60 days will gain great advantages. These players will be granted an R icon on their character and in seek party menu.
Players with the R icon will gain great benefits. They will receive an item via letter named "Exchange Coupon for Return Supply" which will expire in 30 days. You will need to take this item to NPC Former Officer. Once exchanged, you will obtain"Return of Knight" emblem, which will grant you +2 National Points, %20 Bonus EXP and 300 Weight Increase for 14 days. 
Additionally, players with R symbol, will grant a boost of 30% EXP and +3 National Points to the party members. 

Event 6: Blessing Of Logos

Illusion Of Logos will spawn once every 8 hours in both nation's maps in a random location. The lucky players who can find and click on the illusion will be able to select from the below powerful buffs. 


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