Server Merge - Olympia and Akara
Oct 27, 2017
Hail Knights!

In accordance with in game analysis and players' requests, we decided to merge Olympia and Akara servers on November 2 to provide more enjoyable game environment.

We request your opinions about new server's name that will be show up after server merge! You can find the server name poll here. Please choose one of the server names in the poll and submit it.

P.S: OTP will be obligatory to connecting to server.

Below you will be able to find some instructions to follow and answer to your concerns about this server merge.

Character Information:
*Only the top 4 highest level characters will b kept.
* Note: We are giving you plenty of notice in advance so you are able to de-level your characters and decide which four characters you would like to keep.
*Highest character nation will be kept.
*There will be an option to change name if the character has duplicated name.
*Character's mailbox and friend list will be reset to reduce any complications that might be caused due to duplicate names.
Note: Characters in the Discipline Dungeon will also qualify for the merge.

Item Information:
*Eligible character inventories will be carried on intact but the inventories in deleted characters won't be recovered.
Note: The Top Character will have priority to save items in inventory.
*For Inn Storage; Noah and items that exceed the limit of (194 Slots and 2 Billion Noah) will be deleted. It is important to keep wanted items in inventories of the top 4 highest leveled characters.
Note: Top Characters will have the priority to save the items in the Inn-Storage
*The time of all VIP vault keys within the merging servers will be added.
*Top characters will have priority to save items in the VIP Vault

Clan Information:
*Clan Name Change Scroll will be distributed to clan leaders to change the duplicate clan names
*Alliances will be disbanded.

To prevent any item losses or potential issues, we strongly suggest you to follow the instructions mentioned above. Our Staff will not be responsible in a case of potential mishaps that have to do with not following the instructions shown above.

Have Fun!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team