Party Tournament Registrations Started!
Feb 13, 2018
Hello Dear Knights,

The registration for the Party Tournament is starting today!
As the registration period will be ended on February 23 and as the first 64 parties that make the registration will be able to join the tournament, you better to hurry up and prepare your party!
-Each team can apply once (First application will be considered for multiple applications).
-Teams will make their applications via forum topic.
-Registration time for the tournament is between February 12, February 23 2018.
-Each team must have 8 permanent members.
-Accounts must have at least one 59 level character and these characters must be active/not blocked for any reason during the dates of tournament.
-64 teams can apply for the tournament
-In case of there are parties that do not meet the participation requirements in first 64 parties, 65th party and following parties will be participated in tournament.
-Drawings will be made on March 5, 2018 on address.
-First round matches will be played on March 11, 2018
-Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final match will be played on March 18, 2018
-Parties will fight with the result of draws that will be made on March 5, 2018
-Tournament will be a pure knockout online tournament.
-The parties that simply reach more kill numbers than their opponents at the end of 15 minutes, will win the match.
-1st and 2nd round matches will be one legged matches of 15 minutes.
-At the end of 2nd round, 8 parties will go through to the quarter finals.
-Matches of Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final will be one legged matches and last 30 minutes.
-Teams that win the match will lead the next tour directly.
-Nations and clans will be generated automatically.

-You can not use similar names of your party members. (As an example: lPriestl / IPriestI etc.) You can not use similar letters side by side.( Ex: PrlIlest)

-You can not use tagged names like NTTgameeryudes, NTTgamepatheoz etc.

-All characters will be level 80 with all skills unlocked.

-There will be plenty of items for any of the 4 classes. Also they will be able to purchase items like, wings, Pathos Gloves, Scrolls etc from these NPC's.

-An account that has fought for a party in the tournament, cannot fight for another party.

-Any form of abusive, provocative, vulgar language or behaviour during the tournament will cause the member and or party's accounts banned and disqualified from tournament depending on the severity.

-A party cannot merge with another party after the tournament registration deadline is passed.

-Detection of any illegal programs, or modification of game files used by participants will result in disqualification of the party, and permanent ban of the abusers, and 30 day ban of the remaining clan member's accounts.

-Teams must leave the safe zone in 2 minutes. Team that doesn't live the safe zone in two minutes will be disqualified.

-Teams must be ready 15 minutes before your their matches start. Teleporting to war map will not be possible for any team members after a match starts.

-Forfeiting score is 10-0.

-Any player that use a bug on tournament map will be banned for 7 days and his team will be forfeited.

-As there is a problem about Aztec Staffs, we are highly recommending you not to use these items. You'll be responsible of these if you use any.

-UTC items are removed from the tournament server and it's forbidden to use.

-If the losing team get monument they'll have the half of the points of the difference between current score.(Example: If Team A is leading with 17-6, Team B will get 6 points when they capture the monument and score will be 17-12. Fractional numbers will be rounded up to following whole number).
-All the party members should be in the same server.
-Each team can register two players as substitute.
-You have only one chance to register and editing your registry will not be acceptable.
-Characters that will be written to registration form/forum topic should be at least min. 59 level, including the party leader.
-Players will be allowed to create only one character in the tournament server. Therefore please choose your class carefully.

Champion party will get 50.000 NPoints
2nd party will get 25.000 Npoints
3rd party will get 12.000 Npoints

NTTGame | Knight Online Team