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Knight Online's 12th Anniversary Event!

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Crazy things tend to happen around Moradon during the fall equinox. Previously we've had ghost invasions and Jack O'Lantern monsters appear in Ronark Land. This year a cult calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Lunar Order are hanging around Moradon trying to recruit others into their worship of Ultima, and warn others of the day when his might will exhume him from Bifrost to rain hell on Adonis.

Lunar Order Tokens
The Lunar Order's High Priest, Blanc, has been in Moradon preaching to anyone who will listen. One of his newest followers happens to distribute the rewards for the continent's greatest tests of knightly skill. Winners of Border Defense War, Juraid Mountain, and Forgotten Temple will now receive 5 Lunar Order Tokens along with their event prizes, and other participants will receive 1 Lunar Order Token as part of the anniversary celebration.

…but these tokens aren't worthless pieces of tin! Take them to the High Priest and he'll reward you!

10 Tokens – 100x Holy Water of Favors
10 Tokens - 70x Potion of Soul
30 Tokens – 1x Monster Stone
70 Tokens – 1x Blessed Elemental Scroll
100 Tokens – 3x Speed Potion
150 Tokens – 1x Demon Rabbit Tooth (will exchange for 7 day Oreads Voucher on Olympia)
200 Tokens – 3x Resurrection Scroll 80%
300 Tokens – 12th Anniversary Emblem (30 days)

Please note that reward items are non-tradeable (The Brotherhood expects your loyalty).
The Demon Rabbit Tooth can be taken to Shozin for crafting (Crafting success rates are 100%).
(Note: Mortar crafting will be unavailable on Olympia)

Mortar of Apprentice Lunar Rabbit
1 Demon Rabbit Tooth
10 Spell Stone Powder

Mortar of Lunar Rabbit (adds +1% Damage to Monsters)
1 Mortar of Apprentice Lunar Rabbit
1 Demon Rabbit Tooth
15 Spell Stone Powder

Lunar Mortar of Lunar Rabbit (adds +3% Damage to Monsters)
1 Mortar of Lunar Rabbit
1 Demon Rabbit Tooth
1 Silver Bar
20 Spell Stone Powder

Lunar Sacrifice
Magpie's beloved one has fallen ill. The [Lunar Order Priest] Blanc has heard of her trouble and offered to heal him during a sacrificial ritual. Purchase the Lunar Offering Box from the Sundries NPC and receive a reward buff item. This quest can be completed daily.

Pink Rice Cake Buff – Def. +200 for 1 hour
White Rice Cake Buff – Max HP and MP +750 for 1 hour
Green Rice Cake Buff – Attack Damage +10% for 1 hour

Ultima's Endless Threat
The equinox is said to bring out the great powers of Ultima. To show disapproval of his betrayal he has summoned a Demon Rabbit to destroy Moradon and interrupt the celebration festivities. This monster may look harmless, but its eyes carry a hypnotic fire and it can crush mountains with the force of its feet. Rush to the rescue of Moradon Castle and defeat this beast!

All players nearby will receive EXP blessing and Contaminated Holy Water when the Demon Rabbit is killed. The player who kills the Demon Rabbit will receive the Lunar Gift Box. The box will reward one of the following randomly:

25x Ibex Potion
25x Crisis Potion
VIP Vault (7 days)
Monster Transformation Scroll
Oreads Exchange Voucher (1 day)
Switching Premium (1 day)
Speed+ Potion
Weapon Enchant Scroll
Armor Enchant Scroll

Lunar Order Fundraisers
The Lunar Order has been fundraising by capitalizing on the popular gambling game, Yut! Step up and take a chance. Place your 5,000 Noah bet and maybe you can double it!

If gambling isn't your thing, the Brotherhood is also selling a variety of fireworks via the Sundries NPC so that local knights can set them off in celebration of the 12th anniversary. Each one sells for only 10,000 Noah.


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