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Under The Castle Arrival

Date: Sep 10, 2013    Views: 21,496

Hail Knights!

The release of the Under The Castle update is upon us!

Under The Castle will be a weekly event consisting of 4 stages with all new bosses (Mammoth the 3rd, Crasher Gimmick, Purious and Pluwiton). Entrance will be available from 8 PM - Midnight server time every Friday. A new feature Under The Castle brings is the ability for different nations to enter the same party. The minimum level to enter is 35, but you may want to level higher as the mobs here do some major damage and are not pushovers. Mobs surrounding the bosses will put up a thorough fight so it's best to enter prepared. Bosses go through 3-4 health phases and will continue to summon mobs. Once a boss is defeated they will drop a quest item and maybe even a weapon.

Entrance is made via [Twilight Knight] Linguist at Luferson Castle or El Morad Castle. Once teleported in, you arrive at a camp where you can receive quests, purchase items or make repairs from the NPC's available.

Crossing the bridge brings you to the Seige War Area and the realm of Mammoth the 3rd.

Once Mammoth the 3rd is defeated, a new boss named Crasher Gimmick appears.

If you survive the onslaught of these two boss monsters, you will journey a pathway which will bring you to the Culvert where Purious awaits you.

The next zone brings you to the captive Pluwiton who is guarded by 3 mages.

There is not a soul that has reached this area. Only those who have proven themselves and dare to challenge may enter this lair.

Should you succeed in defeating Pluwiton, 2 NPCs will appear that will allow you to exchange some of your collected items for rewards. Do you think you have what it takes?

Additional Updates:

New System for Level 1-50 users.

[Noah Knights]
  • If you are between level 1-50 and you do not join a clan, you will be automatically joined in Noah Knights.
  • If you are a part of Noah Knights, you will get the clan mark as [Noah Knights].
  • Your clan name color will depend on your nation. Karus will be blue and El Morad will be red.
  • After level 20, you will be given a cape.
  • You can join the chat and all of the Noah Knight members can see.

For information on events related to Under The Castle, please see our event landing page:

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