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[Update] Atlantis and Anatolia Server Merge

Date: Feb 24, 2015    Views: 1,142

Hail Knights!

Merging of Atlantis and Anatolia servers will be performed on 24 February 2015. The name for the merged server will be Gordion as concluded in the poll voted by players. New merged server channels will be Gordion1 and Gordion2, due to expected increased activity. 

Please read the following important information carefully

  • 4 highest level characters from merging servers will be moved to new server. If you want to keep a particular character that isn't in the highest level 4 characters you own, you can level drop a character that you don't want. 
  • Nation of Highest level character you own in merging servers will set the nation in the new server. 
  • Duplicate name characters, will be given the choice to name change. 
  • Characters Mail Box, Buddy List will be reset. If you have any important items in your letter box, please take them before the merge. 
  • Characters in the disciple dungeon will be moved as well. 
  • 4 qualifying character's inventory will be moved to new server as it is. If you have items on a character that is to be deleted per the above explanations, please make sure you take all your items off their inventory, as recovery of deleted items is impossible. 
  • Any noah or items exceeding the Inn storage limit (194 slot, 2billion Noah) will be deleted. The highest level character you own will set the priority of Inn storage. Any deleted items cannot be restored. 
  • VIP vault is also subject to above rule, and items exceeding 48 slot limit will be deleted. Existing VIP vault key subions will be added. 

Clan Information:
  • Leader's of the clans that have duplicate names will be sent a Clan Name Change Scroll Item. 
  • Clan Board and Ally clan list will be reset. 

Please note that all changes done will be irreversible. Please study the given information carefully, share it with your friends, and ask any necessary questions before the merge is done. Make sure your account is prepared before 24 February. NTT game will accept no responsibility in the event of losses caused by users not preparing properly. 

NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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