GuideClans & Clan Wars

Clan System

A player who reaches 10 level can either join to a clan, or create a clan for 30,000 Golds.

After clicking on the Clan tab, you can create your own clan or join to a clan by typing it's name. You have to be accepted as a member by the clan master to join into a clan.

There may be maximum 50 players in a clan.

Clan Matches

You can fight side by side with your team against other clans and advance to be the strongest clan in Phantomers. Clan matches are being played in Search and Destroy mode with 5v5 players.

In order to participate into a clan match, your team must contain at least 5 players. Prepare your team by inviting them and when youre ready, click on the "Register Match" to start the matchmaking. When an opponent is found, you can play your clan match.