GuidePvE Mode


Eliminate the first guardian of ancient Mayan treasure and his supporters by entering the arena formed with 5 difficult stages and gain control of the unique Mayan Treasure!


Form a strategy with your team members and try to advance in the arena against the Huracan and his supporters. Don’t forget that as you advance in PvE mode, Huracan’s supporters will get angry and they will be stronger. For every monster you kill, you will gain game points; and with these game points, you will receive additional items which may ease you team’s work.

In the last stage, Huracan will welcome you himself. We can say that Huracan is pretty hard to get along with. Therefor, you will be facing an enemy which you have never faced before. As you apply damage on Huracan, he will get angry and get stronger. In addition to that, traps in the arena might be a difficulty for you and for your team. When Huracan’s soul stone starts to shine, attack it to beat him for good and take control of the mysterious treasure!

Lastly, there are 2 different difficulty modes in the arena. If you trust yourself and your team, face Huracan and his supporters in the hardest one!

General Arena Structure

In the arena which just looks like a real one; there are ammo packages, health packages which you can use in case of emergency, resources that you can get a random item in exchange of 2.000 game points. These are located on the map randomly and don’t have a spesific spawn time.


Unlike Arena map, Temple is a big map consists of 5 different zones, in which you will be faced with monsters trying to deviate you from your aim and to top it all off, zones also have dangerous traps that will compel you.

Please note that after your team clear the zone, members must stay on special divisions on the ground which will open next zone’s door. If you don’t, you can’t go forward.

On the 5th zone which is also last zone of map, Vulcan will how up with its magnificence. Are you ready for a struggle against such a powerful enemy?


Siege is a PvE map that you will defence yourselves as a team against creepy monsters. Along 11 rounds, these monsters will keep coming and as long as you complete each stages, monsters will be stronger than previous stages. You are lucky! Siege map provides to improve different strategies to complete stages. You will find out which strategy is the best for you!

There is a building with 3 floors that whole story begins in Siege map. If you desire, you can defence yourselves on different floors, but don’t forget, monsters can climb up to windows. If you complete the mode successfully, you will be rewarded with marvelous items.