Phantomers Synopsis

In the near future, a multi-polarized world has been thrown into a new kind of tension. 

The world has fallen into chaos and incidents have occurred in troubled parts of the world, along with frequent local warfare.

Behind the curtain, these issues have been brought about by Knosis, a secret organization that has been lurking in the shadows for centuries. Their vast, uncontrollable movement spread across the world and is making itself known with extreme arrogance.  

Knowing that a single country cannot stop Knosis, and that members of Knosis have already infiltrated every country economically, militaristically, and politically, the heads of each nation realized there is only one option on the table. They needed to form their own PMC (Private Military Company) and start to fight back against Knosis. That group of mercenaries is known as the Phantomers...

The war against mankind has begun. The nations of the world realize that Knosis does not have their best interest in mind. Knosis is determined to bring about a one-world government and the Phantomers are the only thing that can stop this evil monolithic control over the nations of the world. If Knosis succeeds the people of the world will suffer a tragic fate.

Knosis and the Phantomers draft heavily into their organizations. All are able bodied men and women from around the world that will fight for their cause. They are well aware of the fact that both powers will stop at nothing to win this war.  

Now that Knosis has revealed itself and its intentions, the Phantomers' are set to rise up against Knosis and the final stand will be made!


The origins of Knosis can be traced back to ancient Greece.

Knosis claims to be in the pursuit of truth as well as power. They worship nature and have secretly spread their influence through all of the Eastern and Western cultures throughout history. Knosis has only bestowed the knowledge it possesses to mankind for their own prosperity.

Knosis may have started out benevolent to a certain degree, but changes came about in the organization with the advent of nuclear weapons, the Cold War, and the havoc wreaked on Earth in the wake of the Industrial Revolution.

In recent years top level members at Knosis gave orders to establish economic and political hitmen in every government and country in the world.

Early in the 21st century, there were two factions within Knosis that had opposing goals and views. The majority faction are power hungry, ruthless and rich war mongers that insist on revealing themselves to the world and establishing a one-world government. The minority faction wished to return to the tenants and philosophies of the early days of Knosis.

When the minority faction made their position known, they expelled and exiled the minority. Now they are an organization of fanatics bent on the destruction of all opposition.

Since then, a new leader rose to the top of Knosis, Pavian Van Maemon. He delivers tirades to the Knosis loyalists about the moral and physical decay of mankind. He has instilled an iron clad belief in the organization that they must roll out a new plan, the ""Neo Eden Project"". He claims it will restore glory to the human race and all that join their cause.


Knosis had already been acting in secret as a one-world government, gradually corrupting various fundamentalist minorities around the globe.

The lead voice of Knosis's ex-minority party, Sir Roy Beit, called all leaders of the free nations to a meeting and revealed Knosis, its intentions, and the ""Neo Eden Project"".

Officially, Phantomers is only known as a multinational PMC established by the U.N. affiliated Intelligence Bureau U.N.I.B.., but the powers that be know Phantomers to be Knosis separatists at the core.

With the support and assets of all the remaining free countries, the Phantomers assembled and trained their task force to be capable soldiers and achieve elite level knowledge in every area applicable to this new war. They stand together to keep the world free and each nation individual, yet united for humanity.