GuideUI & Controls

1. Main Menu Navigation Bar
2. Character Selection Enter the character selection screen
3. Diamond / Gold Displays the amount of Diamonds and Gold you possess
4. My Info / Messenger Show user info and connects to the messenger
5. Chat Room Displays your current channel
6. Notice Notifications
Inventory : Weapons
Inventory : Weapons
1. Weapon / Gear Equip and unequip weapons and load outs.
2. Character Edit Character load outs.
3. Item Repair Repair all weapons and gear currently equipped.
4. Main Category Check Inventory and Item shop.
5. Sub Category Character load out navigation bar.
6. Weapons Owned Check and repair all weapons in possession.
7. Unlock Info Either check the selected weapons upgrade unlock tree or unlock the weapon directly.
8. Detail Attributes for selected item/weapon.
Inventory : Characters
Inventory : Characters
1. Characters List of characters currently used/owned.
2. Character Skins Check or equip skins and looks of selected character.
3. Details Detailed information about the selected character
Inventory : Assists
Inventory : Assists
1. Gear Inventory Show gear owned for character. Equip and Repair.
2. Details Details regarding gear.
Item Shop
Item Shop
1. Items on Sale Check the detailed info by clicking the items on sale.
2. Category Navigate to Weapon / Character / Gear / Item Category / Package Items
Item Shop : More Information
Item Shop : More Info.
1. Item Info Detailed info and duration time of an item, or purchase of the selected components.
2. Unlock Info If an item has variants, displays the unlock info tree. In case item is packaged, check the components inside the package here.
3. Details Additional info on the selected item.
Play Waiting Room
Play Waiting Room
1. Room List Check the list of active rooms, join directly by double-clicking
2. Options Either create a room or choose quick-join to auto match you to a room that suits your character.
Create Room
Create Room
1. Room Name / Password Change the room name or make it a secured room by enabling a password.
2. Mode Select a game mode
3. Map Select a map from a list of maps for the selected mode.
4. Options Designate the room options.
Waiting Room
Waiting Room
1. Room Details Check the current room's info or change info if you are the host.
2. Ready Button Make your character available for the next match. or exit the room.
3. Number of People View the amount of players in the room and check their info by right clicking their name.
4. Inventory Re-designate load out or change weapons.
In Game UI
In Game UI
1. Radar Displays map area and location of team members/allies as well as objective locations.
2. Match Info Score or Info regarding the current game mode/match.
3. Leader Board Rank Shows players current position in the match.
4. Ability Gauge Used to check the status of available abilities
5. Achievement Display Shows the players achievements reached during a match.
6. General Information General information about Bullets, HP, Daily Mission Process
7. Screen Shot Informations about taken image with Print Screen
Leader Board
Score Board
1. Category Select between the Leader Board or the player progression screen.
2. Results Displays the match results of the current game.
3. Room info Shows the room information and the best player in the room.
4. Level Progress View any currency rewards from the match, EXP and items unlocked. Also displays EXP needed for the next level.
1. Upgrade Tree Progression tree for current weapon in use.
(Will also show weapon EXP of unequipped items)
1. Option Navigation Graphics, Sound, and Control Tab.
2. Details Show adjustable options under the selected tab.
3. Option Finalization you can restore defaults, Apply changes or simply exit- ""ok""