First Offense Second Offense Third Offense Fourth Offense Final Offense
Spamming the Chat Window 3 days mute 7 days mute 15 days mute 30 days mute Permanent mute
Profanity, Offensive, or Abusive Language 3 days mute 7 days mute 15 days mute 30 days mute Permanent mute
Phishing / Intent to deceive Permanent Ban
Communicating with a GM using rude language GM Discretion
Posting or advertising 3rd party programs or private servers Permanent Ban The accounts of the party members and clan leaders who get an advantage from the related illegal program, can be blocked based on GM's discretion.
Illegal / Inappropriate Character Name 1 Permanent Ban
Illegal / inappropriate FaceScan character face 14 Permanent Ban
Law Violation 2 Permanent Ban
Violation of Privacy 3 7 days ban Permanent Ban
Unauthorized account access Permanent Ban
Possession of any hacked / illegal items 4 Suspicious items / coins will be deleted, and account may be banned.
Usage of a shared or transferred account Revocation of all customer support privileges
Disturbing gameplay 5 3 days ban 7 days ban 15 days ban Permanent Ban
Luring 6 7 days ban + Discipline Dungeon 15 days ban + Discipline Dungeon 30 days ban + Discipline Dungeon Permanent Ban
Bug Abuse 7 Temporary or Permanent Ban, according to GM discretion
Illegal gain of Nation Points Removal of Nation Points & temporary ban of GM discretion Permanent Ban
Usage of 3rd party tools 8 Permanent Ban The accounts of the party members and clan leaders who get an advantage from the related illegal program, can be blocked based on GM's discretion.
Macro 9 Discipline Dungeon Discipline Dungeon Permanent Ban
Editing of game files (TBL) Permanent Ban
Clans with characters having illegally gained National Points Clan dismissal and violators may be permanently banned.
Illegal clan name or logo 10 Clan dismissal and leader will be permanently/temporarily banned
Inappropriate King or War Commander Notices 11 1 day ban 3 days ban 7 days ban Permanent Ban
Payment fraud 12 Permanent Ban
Illegal SMS or ICS phone number verification 13 Permanent Ban

All the rules above can be changed according to the GM's initiative. Duration of penalties for all the items can be shortened or extended by GM's interpretation.


  1. This includes, but may not be limited to profanity/offensive language (masked or otherwise), staff impersonation, copyright violation, or impersonating another player. Players may use name change scroll with the discretion of game masters.
  2. If you can be cited, fined or arrested for it, regardless of jurisdiction, it's not allowed.
  3. Sharing the private information of other players or game staff / employees without expressed written consent
  4. Accounts that have traded items according to logs, or accounts related by IP or phone number may also be subject to punishment.
  5. This rule applies to the following behaviors:
    a. Spamming party, or clan requests on other players.
    b. Luring monsters away from their original spawn points
    c. Being AFK during in-game events (ex., Juraid Mountain, Border Defence War etc.)
    d. Use of "Spirit of Genie" during Juraid Mountain
  6. Monsters are not to be lured to safe zones, with exception to Delos, Bifrost, Krowaz, Ronark Land, Ardream, and Ronark Land Base.
  7. Exploiting game bugs for individual or team advantage.
    Examples: Abuse of bugged quests, using skills or items to reach areas outside of the map, teleporting past bridges or gates using warriors' decent, mages' teleport or blink skills, etc.
  8. Accounts related by IP address, Phone Number, or trade/item/Noah benefit may also be blocked
  9. Your mouse and/or keyboard may contain programs to assist in game play. Please be aware that its usage can subject your account to disciplinary action, depending on how it is used:
    Legal Usage = Assignment of a skill to a mouse button, and triggering the skill manually by button press.
    Illegal Usage = Using macro software to trigger the skill automatically.
  10. Including, but not limited to profanity/offensive language or images (masked or otherwise), vulgarities, impersonation (staff or player), or copyright violation.
  11. King notices must be in either English or Turkish and cannot contain any advertisements. These notices must be appropriate within the game rules and policies and may not contain any harassment, political or religious content.
  12. Purchases made in-game and via the payment gateway are final. Chargebacks will result in the termination of your account.
  13. Registering a phone number which does not belong to the current country of player residence is not allowed.
  14. Including, but not limited to nudity, violent or offensive content, infringement, or otherwise content deemed inappropriate. Players may be allowed to change or remove the image with the discretion of game masters.

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