Knight Online Special New Year Broadcast and Lottery

Dear Knights,
In the last days of 2018, as Knight Online team, what we can say is we've had many things such as the most exciting tournaments, broadcasts with precious guests, great prizes that distributed during Twitch streams, amazing contents and much more that we could not remember!
To offer our thanks to great Knight Online players, we'd like to hold a great new year event!

Special New Year Broadcast and Lottery
At December 28, 19:00 TR, during the Special New Year Event, you'll have a chance to win great rewards such as Knight Online Hoodies, Redbull Premium Packages, Knight Online cups and 150.000 NPoints in total!

Distribution of Rewards

Instagram Event
You'll have a chance to win 4x 3200 NPoints and 4x New Year Special Package! All you need is to complete the requested steps that shared on Instagram before December 27.

Broadcast Raffles and Wheel of Fun
During broadcast, you'll have a chance to win 10x400 NPoints, 3x 3200 NPoints! And as a plus to NPoints rewards, you'll be surprised by the new Wheel of Fun that prepared specially for New Year Broadcast!

Big New Year Raffle
And here comes the most exciting moment! Starting at December 17, charging NPoints will bring you chance to win up to 20.000 NPoints! With 3 different raffles to be held in 3 different pots, 10 players will win 3000 NPoints, 5 players will win 5000 NPoints and 1 lucky player will win 20.000 NPoints! Depending on the amount of NPoints you have charged, you will be able to participate in at least one of the 3 draws!

Rules of Participation
- Between the dates of December 17 – 27, accounts that charged NPoints with ESN codes or credit cards will have eligible for the lottery.
- There will be 3 different raffles in 3 different pots. Charging amounts for each pots;

1. Pot – 10x3000 NPoints Raffles
Accounts to be included;
Accounts that charged 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400 or 3200 NPoints at once.

2. Pot – 5x10000 NPoints Raffle
Accounts to be included;
Accounts that charged 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400 or 3200 NPoints at once.

3. Pot – 1x20000 NPoints Raffle
Accounts to be included;
Accounts that charged 3200 NPoints at once.

Each account will have one chance for the lottery. Highest charge amount will be grounded on for the accounts that have more than one re-charge during event .
- NPoints and rest of the in-game items will be injected to the accounts by Knight Online Team.
- We'll communicate with the winners via forum account.
- Accounts should have at least one 35+ level character.
- Accounts should not have any illegal activity remarks on their acccounts.
- Raffle winners will be chosen during live twitch stream. You should follow the live stream to be claimed as a winner.
- NPoints will be charged on January 2 to related accounts.
- Accounts that could not meet the conditions of the lottery will be extracted.

Knight Online Team

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