Knight Royale is Back!

Hail Knights,

Within this guide, you can find more information about how to access Knight Royale!

How Can I Participate In The Event?

- You can register by pressing the 'Join' button twice a day in the window that will appear on your game screen.
- The waiting time is 10 minutes, after 10 minutes the players are summoned to the battlefield.

1. KNIGHT ROYALE = 15:00 [Server Time]
2. KNIGHT ROYALE = 20:30 [Server Time]

Knight Royale Mode

- All players in the battlefield will start with equal strength and the same equipment.
- Players will start at random locations on the map.
- The toxic gas will begin to spread to the map 3 minutes after the war begins.
- The war will continue until only one player survives in battle.


- All players will have 1 small potion, old bow, old sword, 15 arrows and 2 Skill scrolls at the beginning (Register the weapons and skills on the Skill Bar).
- All players will start as level 1 and can level up by killing other users or surrounding monsters. (Max HP, Max MP, Attack Damage and Defense increase while leveling up.)
- All players will have a maximum of 9 different items during battle.
- Participants won't be able to see the HP status decrease in enemies life bar.
- The first 80 players who click the 'Join' button can participate in the event.


- If the number of players participating in the battle is 40 or more, the event will start from the 1st zone.
- If the number of players participating in the war is less than 40, the event will start from the 3rd zone.

- The toxic gas travels from zone 1 to zone 5 at intervals of 180 seconds.
- The following warning appears on your screen when you enter the toxic gas area.

- When you start to get damaged from toxic gas, your screen gets purple color as shown below.


- You can win items, potions and arrows by killing monsters in battle.
- There are three different sets of power levels that can be used in the event.
- The Gift of Pathos chests come out at certain intervals in certain places on the map, and you can find items by finding these chests.

- When the event ends, all items you receive on the battlefield will be automatically deleted.


Soul Strike (Basic skill)

Short range attack.

Fireball (Basic skill)

You throw a Fireball at your enemy.

Sprint Potion (obtained from enemy or creatures)

Increases your movement speed by 150% for 10 minutes.


- The player wins 'Soul Gem' according to the rank they have achieved in battle.
- Players who have their bags full before entering the event cannot receive Soul Gems at the end of the event, so we recommend that you leave at least one empty space in your bag before participating in the event.

You will be able to exchange these Soul Gems obtained from the event for prizes via NPC [Trader Julia] in Moradon.


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