[Update Notes] 04.08.2021

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Ramadan activities started. You can get the Ramadan emblem with the characteristics of 20% EXP, +2 NP, 300 HP and 300 weight valid for 24 hours through the NPC located in the Moradon town area. (The emblem can be purchased every day between Server Time 20:00 and 05:59.)
* The problem in the 'The beginning of a new adventure 3' quest has been fixed.
* Rebirth printing issue on Dark Knight Crossbow item has been fixed.
* The Pathos Glove and SC sale activity at NPC Aset has ended.
* Ibex and Crisis pot sales have started on NPC Aset. (It will continue for 4 weeks.)
- If you talk to NPC Aset while DISC Premium is active, you can get Ibex and Crisis potions at a discounted price. Ibex and Crisis pots purchased while DISC Premium is active cannot be traded or sold.
* 90% Resurrection Scroll Item is available for sale through NPC Aset.
* Conflict issue related to cooldown time and effect while using pot has been resolved.
* If Portu and Kurian classes use transformation, the visual error after passing to the Ronarkland map has been fixed.
* When the Felankor was killed, the discount on the teleport door to the Isiloon floor has ended.
* Text errors were fixed in some items and some spelling updates were made.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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