[Knight] Maintenance May 21, at 3:00 Server Time

Dear Knight Online Community!

Please be aware that we will be having a scheduled maintenance on Knight Online servers. During maintenance game services and web portal will be temporarily unavailable.
Maintenance time will be as follows:
Est. Duration: 3 Hours Begin Time
KO Server Time 03:00
Turkey (EET) 04:00
N. America (EST) 21:00

​Maintenance Notes:

During this server maintenance, the listed actions below have been taken.

1- In-game Scheduler Updated.

2- Clan Leader Character Name Indicator Changed. After the patch, leaders of Accredited clans are above only getting this privilege.

3- New Ladder 200 Rank Display Option added!

A. Character name is shown from a far distance
B. The banner is shown on character name from party UI
C. The banner is shown on PvP Scoreboard (ALT) based on grade
D. The banner is shown on chat window

4- Issue with few items had no names have been fixed (Old Bow, Old Dagger, etc.)

5- Issue with El Morad Mage (After 2nd job change) has no Ice Burst cooldown has been fixed.

6- Drake's Blessing / Magic Damage Increase Scroll Sale Period has been extended by 4 weeks.

7- Triumph and Anti-Heal Quest Issue has been fixed.

8- Ramadan NPC Removed from the servers.

9- PUS Sales Event Ends

10- NPC Aset - 5000 Potion Sale is now Permanent!

11- Vega 1+1 event / Juraid 1+1 Event Period Extending 1 week

12- PUS Premium Potion MP / Premium Potion HP Sale Ends

13- You can learn the keyboard key assignments in the game with the H button.

Have fun!

NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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