Snowball Fight Begins!

Snowball Fight

To enter the event, you must pass through the Lunar Gate in the Lunar Valley.
Both races can enter the event.
The war will end in an hour.
Snowball items can be purchased from Sundries NPCs.


All characters take part in the event with 100 HP.
No abilities other than snowball can be used during the event.
When hit with a snowball, you take 10 HP of damage and you can inflict 10 HP of damage to other players.
All players in the snowball battlefield regenerate 5 HP every 5 seconds.
The race that killed the most enemies during the 1-Hour event will win the event.
The party that kills the snowman of the enemy race on the event map will receive 100 NP.
Snowmen will only appear once during the event.
The party cannot be formed during the event.
The event will be announced via a server message 5 minutes before the snowball fight.
You can gain NP when you kill an enemy with a snowball.
You can lose NP if you are killed by an enemy during a snowball fight.
When your character dies, you can respawn in the safe zone.
If you wait with your character dead, you will be automatically revived in the safe zone after 2 minutes.
If you exit the game during the event, your character will be sent to your race's region.
Once the event is over, all players will be automatically sent to their faction's regions.


Disabled the use of all abilities and items except Snowball.
You can only damage enemies with snowballs.
You cannot access the Ronark Land map during the event.
There are no creatures you can kill on the event map except snowmen.
To get event rewards, you must kill at least one enemy with a snowball.
You cannot receive rewards if you are not on the event map or if your character is dead when the event ends.


The player who gets the last shot on the snowman will win the Solar Tattoo award.
Players who have killed the most enemies in both races will receive 20 Soul Gem rewards.
When the snowman is killed, all players of the killing race on the event map will receive 100 NP.
Players of the race that participated and won the event will receive a 7-days Event Emblem.
Players of the race that participated in the event but lost will receive a 1-day Event Emblem.

You can use the Alt key to see which players killed the most enemies.

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