[Patch Notes] 09/23/2021

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Knight Royale event has ended.

* BDW extra reward event has ended.

* JR event 'Blue Treasure Chest' reward has ended.

* 17th Anniversary activities have ended.

* Battlefield Hero's Wing and Lunar Tattoo sales have ended.

* Full Moon Rift Event Has Started!

* Special Defense Scroll items that you can buy from NPC Aset have been added to the game. These items, which you will receive for 30,000,000 coins, will provide your character with 3 defenses for the specified item.

* Minerva and the Daily lottery game have arrived at NPC Aset.
- With Daily lottery, you have the chance to win beautiful prizes for 9m.

- Minerva item sale has started, which you can get for 50,000,000 Noah from NPC Aset! You can get 10% more main bonus and also 1% (Helm) - 2% (Armor) damage increase compared to regular Minerva pack.

* The Yellow dust monster has been added to the game to appear every 8 hours on the Luferson Castle and El Morad Castle maps.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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