[Patch Notes] 12/02/2021

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Market block system has been added to the game.
- You can access the market blocking system via 'H' > Trade > Block List.

- You can check how many times a character has viewed your market from the Visited User tab.
- You can prevent players looking at your market from the Visited User tab with the 'Block Registration' button.
- If a user opens and closes your market 30 times, they will be automatically added to the block list.
- To remove a user from the block list, you must use the 'Registration Cancelled' button after selecting the relevant user.

- There is no limit for blocked contacts.
- The blocked list is not deleted when you logout.

* Black Friday Sale has ended.

* Function to turn off Emblem / Fairy Visibility has been added to the game.

* The defense value of Ruler of the Legend - Black Tortoise has been reduced.

* Ruler of The Legend weapons will be on offer this week at the Akara's Altar.

* Twisted Moradon - If you leave the map borders, your character will be teleported to 'town'.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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