Video Event Started!

Hello everyone,

Knight Online Video Event has started!

Earn Fame and Rewards by sharing your legendary PvP moments in Knight Online!

PvP videos submitted to our video event page will be checked by the GM team and 30 winners will be determined.

The owner of the top 10 videos will win Switching Premium.

The owner of the next 20 best videos will receive the Re-Skill/Stat item.

Event Date: 8 December - 2 February
Event Winners Announcement: February 9
Event Rewards Submission: February 9

Event Rules:
-You have to record your videos with Knight Online in-game video capture system (via F12)
-The video title must contain 'Knight Online' keywords.
- In case of any insult / profanity / sexual content in the video content, it will be directly rejected.
-The character in the video must match the account participating in the event. (You must login to NTTGame Portal to submit your video.)
-Video Duration must be at least 1 and at most 10 minutes.
-You can send more than one video, but you can only win one prize.
-You cannot change the video link after you join the event with your video.
-You need to record your videos on PvP maps – Ronark Land, Juraid Mt, BDW, Bifrost and Lunar War.

What you need to do to participate in the event;

1- Record your PvP video with Knight Online in-game video recording system (F12).

2- Upload your video to YouTube.
When uploading your video to YouTube, click 'SHOW MORE' in the Details step and select Knight Online in the Games section below.

3- Submit your video from the event page by logging into Knight Online with your NTT account with your character in the video.
After entering the YouTube link of your video in the Upload Video section, you can press the SUBMIT button and send it to us for checking.

The videos you send will be checked by the GM team and published on our site.
You will be able to delete your disapproved or pending videos.

You can follow the videos that participated in the event on the event page in two different categories.

-Random videos are shown every time you enter the event page in the All Videos category.
In the Most Viewed category, the videos are shown in descending order from the videos with the highest number of views.

You can use the like button on each video to show how much you like the videos.
For each video, you can like up to 3 times or withdraw your like.

We wish everyone good luck!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team

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