[Knight] Maintenance March 12, at 3:00 Server Time

Dear Knight Online Community!

Please be aware that we will be having a scheduled maintenance on Knight Online servers. During maintenance game services and web portal will be temporarily unavailable.
Maintenance time will be as follows:

Est. Duration: 2 Hours Begin Time
KO Server Time 03:00
Turkey (EET) 04:00
N. America (EST) 21:00

​Maintenance Notes:

End of Valentine's Day Event
Noah Trade Limit Increase (Personal Trade: 2,099,999,999 / Selling Merchant: 2,000,000,000 / Buying Merchant : 2,100,000,000)
Personal Trading Request - 5 seconds cooldown time has been applied
NPC Removal for Removed Quests (Ape Jail Quest – Pina, Leah, Sera, Amile)
Surprise Event Start – Talking to New NPC [Aset] will grant players Event Emblem (Limited 1 per account)
Accounts that had premium between the dates of February 12/26 had 3 day premium compensation due to issues related to data center

Please note that the estimated duration of server maintenance may be less than or greater than the time quoted above and is subject to change without notification. We may also update this announcement as necessary during or after maintenance has concluded. We thank you for your patience during the downtime.

NTTGame || Knight Online Team

Thank you!

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