[Patch Notes] 11 Aug 2022

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* 18th Anniversary activities have started.
- Manes Arena
- Invasion of El-Rasaga
- Blessed Trees
- Blessing of the Sun God
- Veteran Knight Achievements

* Daily login event has started.

* July ranking event awards were sent to our winners.

* 'Redistribution Item' reward was sent to accounts that remained in the game for 60 hours.

* Skill recording feature has been added to the game. (The recordings are recorded on the computer. If you use a different computer or format, your recordings will not be visible.)

* BDW event will give priority to players who apply first when opening rooms, just like the JR event.

* Text color adjustment feature has been added to the game.

* Description of the Sacrifice ability of Kurian/Portu characters has been corrected.

* Fixed the issue where Kurian/Portu characters would not appear on the master even though the Matchless passive skill is active.

* Blade Axe attack power has been increased by +8.

* The entry time for Forgotten Temple and UTC events has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

* Fixed the problem of Magic Hammer skill bar appearing with different icon.

* The option to spawn at the place where you want to get up with Respawn sc (town or where you died) has been added. (If you say Cancel, your character will be born in the town area.)

* 90 and 120 FPS options have been added for the F12 video record system.

* Summon (Mage TP/ESC) blocking feature now works with right mouse click.

* Some text have been edited.

* Battlefield Hero's Wing and Lunar Tattoo sales event has started via NPC Aset.
- War Hero Wing (30 Days) and Lunar Tattoo (30 Days) - 190m Coins
- War Hero Wing (30 Days) - 90m Coins
- Lunar Tattoo (30 Days) - 120m Coins

* Quest has been reset.

* Fugitive Kaul event has ended.

* Aset Ibex / Crisis sales event, 90% Respawn sc and Pet buff events have ended.

* The Full Moon Rift Event has ended.

* Coin event has ended.

* EXP Jackpot event has ended.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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