[ANNOUNCEMENT] About Akara's Altar
Dec 2, 2020(20 hours ago)
Akara's Altar will be unavailable on December, 2 at 22:00 Server Time and will be activated again on December, 9 at 22:00 Server Time.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Special New Year Lottery - 2021
Dec 1, 2020(Yesterday)
We have decided to celebrate the new year with holding great new year events in order to offer our thanks to great Knight Online players!

[EVENT] Black Friday Deals Started!
Nov 26, 2020(7 days ago)
Do not miss the opportunity to purchase discounted PUS items until December 3rd!

[EVENT] Vega Server - Juraid Mountain Event
Oct 26, 2020(One month ago)
Collect double rewards with the Juraid Mountain event on the Vega server.

[UPDATE] Update Notes 19.11.2020
Nov 19, 2020(14 days ago)
Update Notes 19.11.2020

[UPDATE] Update Notes 05.11.2020
Nov 5, 2020(28 days ago)
Update Notes 05.11.2020

[EVENT] 29% EXP / +3 NP Increase Events for 29th October!
Oct 28, 2020(One month ago)
Republic Day Celebrations, we have decided to hold 29% EXP and +3 NP Events for our community.

[UPDATE] Update Notes 10.22.2020
Oct 22, 2020(One month ago)
Update Notes 10.22.2020



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