Image of Moradon Map
Moradon City
Moradon City is the capital city with lots of trading activity where El Morad and Karus live in peace.
- Size : 102.4km
- : Merchants, Inn Hostesses (Storage manager), Guild Manager, etc.
- Important Facilities : Forgotten Temple, Battle Field, Moradon Guards, etc
Folk Village
Folk Village is a small village in the middle of Moradon city.
Image of Location of Moradon City NPCs


Image of Karus Map
Luferson Castle
Luferson Castle is an abandoned castle at the end of the world over the Iskanz mountain. It's built on ice covered land.
This is where Cypher started to destroy but was protected by El Morad's soldiers.
The King, Xigenon built the Karus Kingdom with the Luferson Castle being the center of his power.
Linate Village
Small Fort town on east side of Karus Region.
Image of Location of Luferson Castle NPCs

El Morad

Image of El Morad Map
El Morad Castle
El Morad Castle is a powerful castle that avoids neighbor invasions in which the people within the castle are able to harvest peacefully for many years. There seems to be a permanent peace in El Morad.
Raiba Village
Raiba Village is located deep inside the spirits valley.
Asga Village
Located near Nevzeet mountain range is. Asga Village has many secrets to be unveiled.
Image of Location of El Morad Castle NPCs


Image of Eslant Map
Eslant is where each nation's territory development region is.