PC Requirements

Please check if your PC meets the requirements below.

Minimum Recommendation
CPU Pentium3 600MH Pentium4 1.8GH
VGA 3D Acceleration 3D Acceleration

Client Download

Click below to download the game client.


Double click on the downloaded file to install the game.


Game Graphic Quality and Screen mode Setting
You can experience high-definition by increasing value of character, object and land, however the game may slow down due to increased polygon usage.
Game Version
Used to adjust the current game version. Usually, the version is set automatically once Launcher.exe executed.
Shadow Usage: Choose whether shadow effects appear.
Screen Mode: Toggles screen setting. Otherwise, full screen mode is the default.
Weapon Effects: Choose whether weapon effects appear.
Visibility Settings
Long distances are visible when set to maximum.
Screen resolution and Color
Sets screen resolution and color in the game.
Sound Setting
Sets the music and sound effects in the game.
Number of Effects Settings
You can set how many effects you want to check.
Confirm: Save your settings and close
Cancel: Cancel your settings
Save setting and then Run: Options saved then game runs immediately.
Cursor Settings
Changes the window cursor shape.
Language Settings
Select your language here.

Game Start

You can start and log in to the game by double clicking the 'Knight Online' icon on your desktop.

Character Creation

Server Selection

Please choose your desired server from the list and click on the 'Connect' button. Images of Server Selection

Nation Selection

Image of Nation Selection

Character Selection

The New Character Creation screen appears if you haven't created a character on the selected server.
Image of Character Selection Image of Character Selection

Character Creation

  • Choose a Race
  • Choose a Job
  • Change your Face
  • Change your Hair style
  • Distribute Bonus Points
  • Name your Character
  • Click 'Create' once everything is ready

Image of Character Creating Image of Character Creating

Character Creation Completion

Once the character is created, please click on the character or the "Game Start" button.
Image of Character Creation Completion Image of Character Creation Completion

Learn about the Interface

Image of Status
Character name, level, HP, MP information.
HP will decrease when your character receives damage from monsters or enemies, and it will increase when your character is sitting (shortcut key, C). Your character can also be healed with potions or priest heal skills.
MP or Mana Points, decreases when your character uses magic or skills.
Image of Mini Map
Mini Map
Shortcut Key, N / Whole Map, M
Your character's location is displayed as an arrow on the mini map.
Party members are shown in yellow and monsters are shown in red.
Image of Icon, Image of Icon Buttons adjust Brightness
Image of Icon Button opens the whole map
Image of
Shortcut Key, L
This envelope will be blinking when a new letter is delivered. Click the envelope to open the letters.
Image of
Chat Window
Pressing "Enter" will enable typing in the chat with other users. The chat window can be resized. By using the following symbols, you will change the chat mode.
@ :Whisper
! : Shout
# : Party Chat
$ : Clan Chat
& : Alliance Chat
By clicking Image of Icon at the upper left corner, you will have the option to block certain chat messages.
The icon on the left Image of Icon has the funtions to prevent chat modes and window size.
Image of Menu
There are 6 menu buttons.
Image of Icon Shows Menu lists [M]
Image of Icon Opens PowerUp Store [P]
Image of Icon Open Event Window (not available yet)
Image of Icon Open quest lists and help
Image of Icon Clan Board (not available yet)
Image of Icon Customer support (not available yet)
Image of
Experience Points
This gauge shows the current Experience Points and needs to be filled up to level up.
Image of
Quick Slots
You have 10 available slots to equip skills, magic or consumable items so that you can use them easily.
Shortcut keys 1 - 0 / Quick slot change F1 - F10
Image of
Stat Info
These buttons open various game play functions.
It consists of Inventory, Character Info, Skill, Trading, Partying, Sit down/Stand up buttons.
Image of
The window shows game playing information.
Damage information
- Attack range and direction information
- Trading, Parting, 1:1 Chatting information
- Equipable Items information
Image of
Party Info
The list of your party members will be shown.
Type "/Quit_Party" or click "X" button on the upper right corner to withdraw from the party.
Image of
The window appears when you receive buff skills from other users.
Image of
Following information is available.
Premium shows premium types and remaining time.
Events shows events those are in progress.
Server shows current server name.
Image of
The window displays in-game announcements.
The window only appears when messages are announced.
Image of
Whisper chat bar appears when you get new whisper messages from your friends.
Image of Icon button opens whisper chat window.
Image of
Character Info
The window shows Attack, Defense and Level of your character as well as required Experience Points to Level Up.
It also has the feature to distribute Stat Points you have earned.
Image of
The window shows equipped or carrying items as well as the preview of your character.
Image of
This window shows the available skills. Your character receives Skill Points from level 10 and you can assign the points to desired skills.
Image of
The targeting bar shows the name and HP of a targeted monster.

Shortcut Keys

Mouse Controls

Image of Mouse Controls
Targeting, Moving, Selecting icons and menus
Double Click
Attacking selected monsters, Following selected players
Zoom in/out
Click & Drag
Rotate camera

Keyboard Controls

Image of Keyboard Controls
  • EscClose a chosen window
  • F1 - F8Quick slot changing
  • F9View angle changing
  • F10Quest lists and help menu
  • 1 -8Skill use in quick slot
  • 9Chat window mode change
  • 0Information windows mode change
  • Tab(In party) Party member switch
  • WMove forward
  • AMove left
  • SMove backward
  • DMove right

  • EKeep walking / running
  • RAuto attack on a chosen target
  • YWalk / Run

  • ZTarget a near enemy
  • XChoose a near NPC
  • CSit down / Stand up
  • UCharacter information
  • IInventory open
  • OHide character name
  • P(with pet) Pet information

  • HCommand menus
  • KSkill information
  • LMails

  • NMini Map
  • MOpen the whole map
  • EnterEnable the chat window
  • Alt + 1 -8(with pet) Quick slot window selection
  • Ctrl + Shift + CHide interface
  • Move to corresponding direction
  • ~Save screenshot